The DCS Way

DCS Custom Homes is Tampa Bay’s premier custom home builder, powered by DCS Contracting, LLC. We offer professional experience, transparent processes, and personal service to ensure a pleasurable and productive custom home. Check out some of our work, or stick around and learn more about us.

As a company, we operate on a few fundamental principles that inform and impact every aspect of our business. We call it “The DCS Way.”


In our minds, building trust is just as important as building houses, and should receive the same effort and focus. DCS strives to bring a new level of integrity and honesty to an industry that rarely has it. We intend to build trust in 3 ways:

Open Communication
We build in a pattern of communication through weekly updates, OAC meetings, and site visits, based on the needs of the customer or the job. Beyond this regular communication, we are always available for special meetings as needed.

Detailed Documentation
Our processes are finely tuned to track every dollar spent on the project. We know exactly where your money goes, and are more than happy to discuss it in detail at any point.

Extended Warranty
DCS provides an in-house, 1 year warranty for your new home, and a 10 year warranty through a third-party warranty group that pays the cost to repair covered structural defects for up to 10 years after closing, greatly reducing your financial risk.


An essential part of building trust, and building with a higher standard, is an intentional transparency with our trade partners and our clients. We typically operate in a cost-plus environment, which makes transparency all the more important.

We provide open access to our bookkeeping, project management, and office procedures, covering all aspects of a client’s project.

We start with a Detailed Estimate, which includes hard bids from trades, material cost based on our takeoffs, and our best attempt at line item budgets where material selections have not been made. A solid, accurate estimate is an essential starting point.

Throughout the construction process, we provide backups (bills receipts, quotes) with every invoice and pay app, so you know where all the costs are coming from.

All work orders (and change orders) must be approved before we begin. This gives you a chance to review each scope of work before any billing takes place.


DCS Contracting works with an eye on the long term. We expect our product to last a lifetime, and we hold the same standard with our relationships, whether they are with clients, trades, architects or any other party involved in the construction process.

Every decision, every interaction, and every policy, should be made with the intention to build healthy, positive relationships that last well beyond the job.

The chart below outlines the different relationships that need to be managed, and how DCS works in between each part: Owner, Architect, Trades and the Job Site.